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e-Notes Vol. 4 No. 1

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The new Computer College Brochure is now posted on our web page  spccsc.net  or you may go directly to  brochure.spccsc.net  to view it.  Please pull it up and review the courses that are being offered for the Summer Term.  If you decide which course(s) you wish to take, you can access the on-line registration form using the “Class Registration” button found on the brochure site or you can go directly to the registration form at registration.spccsc.net to register.  The Computer College information will be posted on the Academy web site at a later date. 


NEW THIS TERM: THE ON-LINE REGISTRATION WILL BE OPEN UNTIL TWO DAYS BEFORE THE CLASS STARTS!  This means you will be able to register or change your selection(s) on-line and not have to make a trip to a service desk.  But please remember, when you submit a second on-line registration, it will completely delete everything from your previous registration.  So be sure to check all/only the courses you wish to take.


As in the previous term, NO SECOND SECTIONS WILL BE OPENED AFTER RANDOMIZATION.  If you intend to take a course, please register by this time.  This will help us determine if a second section will be required.  Randomization takes place on the third day of paper registration and this term that will be April 16 at 4 PM.  So it is extremely important for you to register promptly and not wait till shortly before the class starts.  Please note: enrollment for many of the courses will be closed two days before the start of class.


The Roundup will be on Saturday April 7 at 10:00 A.M.  Take this opportunity to learn more about the courses being offered.  Talk to the Instructors.  Find out what they plan to teach and will it meet your needs.  If you are not comfortable using on-line registration, there will be Computer College staff to assist you. 


Have a great Computer College experience this summer.


Computer College Registrar

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