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e-Notes Vol 4. No. 4



Spring is here, almost.  Since the new Computer College brochure is now online, it can’t be far behind.  To get a glimpse of spring, all you have to do is go to the website,brochure.spccsc.net   Here you can click on the brochure and browse through all the offerings for the spring.  All the courses are also listed on the calendar so you can see when they are offered.  You can also go to shellpoint.net and click on the Academy to see the brochure and register.  After careful study, you can register online by clicking on the Class Registration button.  Then follow the simple directions to complete your registration.  Or you can go directly to the registration form atregistration.spccsc.net   If you don’t feel comfortable registering online, or have not decided which courses you want to take, be sure to come to the Roundup on Saturday, December 8th at 10 A.M. in the Grand Cypress Room, where you can talk to the instructors.  There will also be 3 instructors there to assist you with online registration. 


If you can’t make it to the Roundup or have difficulty registering online, the Academy brochure will be in your mailbox by Wednesday, December 12th.  Paper registration starts on the 13th.  Randomization will take place on Monday, December 17th at 4 P.M.  Please register promptly to assure yourself of a better opportunity of being able to take the courses you desire.  See you in class.


Computer College Steering Committee

Russ Kraay

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