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If you find it necessary to cancel or add courses, you should do so at least two days before your class starts.  This is required to be sure your information is processed before the class starts. (Note: CC344 will be closed 5 days before the start of classes.)

A.  Changes can be made on-line by using the on-line registration form.  Simply re-register and be sure ONLY/ALL the courses you wish to take are checked. You will be alerted that you have a prior registration. Any unchecked courses will be deleted (your prior registration will be canceled.)  Courses can be added in the same way.  Just re-register on-line and check ALL the courses you wish to take.

B. Changes can also be made by using the “Change Registration Form” found in the brochure right after the registration form.  Complete, fold and tape the form and return it to either service desk or place it in Shell Point Mail.  (It is pre-addressed.) 

YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REGISTER OR CHANGE COURSES AT THE SERVICE DESKS.  However, additional forms will be available at the Service Desks.