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Admission Procedures

Conducted by the Computer College Steering Committee (CCSC) 


For a number of terms the CCSC has provided randomization of the names of all the residents who have registered for classes in which the number exceeds the maximum number that can be accommodated.  Thus, any resident who registers during 3 working days from the start of registration will have an equal chance of being enrolled.  (It is not necessary to attempt to register very early on the first day.)

“Class Balancing” will again be carried out this term.  Long waitlists have been virtually eliminated by offering additional sections for the classes with large registration.  In some cases, those who were not included after randomization, were not able to attend the second section at the time it was being offered.  For two days following randomization, an attempt will be made to “balance” the two sections of the class.  You may be contacted to see if you could attend the second section at the new time.  This will provide the best opportunity to meet the needs of the residents.  So please register only for classes you really want to take since you will likely get enrolled!  Remember, if you are enrolled, a place is reserved for you so please plan to be there!  It is recommended that you NOT take more than 4 classes and workshops to exceed 15 sessions.