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Course Levels

To assist you in selecting a class suited to you, the level of difficulty for each of the courses offered is listed below.


Level 0 is the most basic computer course, and is designed for those who have never used a computer.


Level 1 is for those who have completed the Computer College Prep School (Level 0) or have equivalent basic computer skills.


Level 2 is somewhat more difficult and persons taking these courses should have completed the Level 1 course or have equivalent experience.


Level 3 is a more advanced and complex course and requires that the student has considerable basic computer experience.  This can also be obtained from having satisfactorily completed some Level 2 courses.


Students should not take the next level course until they have satisfactorily completed the current level course.  If it has been several terms since you have taken a course and don’t feel confident, it is recommended that you repeat a course before going on to the next level.  However, equivalent experience is an important factor.  Our experience has shown that students without the proper computer background for that level class have great difficulty and show signs of frustration.