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e-Notes Vol. 12 No. 14

(All about the Computer College)
Thanks for the good turnout at the Information Forum this morning.  It was gratifying to see so many interested in finding out more about the Computer College.  Unfortunately, we had to rush at the end to cover some of the new things regarding registration.  By this time you may be confused as to exactly what was said.  Hopefully this e-mail will help you utilize the new information.
In case you had not yet opened the Shell Point Computer College web page www.spccsc.net  you were able to see some of the features when Larry Brock showed it on the screen.  The entire Computer College brochure is posted on the web page.  You can see what classes are being offered and the description.  You will not receive a hard copy of the Academy Brochure till on or about December 9 and you can not use a paper registration form until December 10.
The subject of e-Registration was covered in the last two issues of e-Notes, (Vol. 2, No. 12 & 13) which can be accessed from the e-Notes Cache on our web page.  The process of e-Registration is very simple.  If you can do e-mails, you can do e-registration.   
1)      Request an e-Registration form now by sending an e-mail to ccscreg@gmail.com  In a few days you will receive an acknowledgement that your request has been received.  This e-mail will also contain the simple 4-step directions how to fill out and return the form when it is sent to you.  Please follow them exactly!
2)      On or about November 23, the e-registration forms will be sent to you.  After careful study of the courses being offered, fill out your form using the directions you have received.  
3)      Within a few days you will receive an email indicating that your registration had been received and will be processed exactly as if you had turned in a paper form at the service desk.  
What could be easier?  Also by using e-registration you will save us a lot of typing.  In the unlikely event that you have any problems or questions, please contact either:
Ed Mitchell  emitchell@ieee.org
Russ Kraay rgkraay@gmail.com
Published by the Computer College Steering Committee (CCSC)
Russ Kraay, Editor