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e-Notes Vol. 2 No. 1

School  OF Technology  (SOFT)

Did you get one of the new gadgets for Christmas (or maybe even last Christmas) and still don't know quite how to use it?  Well, help is on the way.  Starting with the Summer Term the new School of Technology, as part of the Computer College, will offer workshops and classes on a wide variety of tech gadgets.  Make that new thing is more than a conversation piece.  Topics to be covered include cell phones, personal digital assistants, digital video recorders, fitness exercises, electronic books and brain fitness video games for the handheld Nintendo DS. 
Come on Saturday, January 10th at 10:00 a.m. to the Grand Cypress Room to hear more.  You need to become acquainted with this new venture.  Come and ask questions and give your feedback about what you would like to have covered in future classes.  There will be lots of chairs so come and fill them up.
(This information was provided by Bruce Findley of SOFT.)
New e-Notes Web Page
Thanks to Richard Nelson, e-Notes now has its own Web Page.  All the issues of e-Notes are being archived so you will be able to go back and pull up any issue if you want to check on something.  Go to:
http://spenotes.angelfire.com/ and check it out.  
Spring Term Starts
Tomorrow, January 5th is the first day of the new Spring Term.  To accommodate as many residents as possible, the Computer College has added 7 Second Sections of classes for which a large number had registered.  This resulted in the best of all worlds, many classes are full, or nearly so, and very few left on waitlists.  If you can't possibly make it to class, it wouldn't hurt to give the instructor a call.  Have a great learning experience.
Published by the Computer College Steering Committee(CCSC)
Russ Kraay, Editor