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e-Notes Vol. 2 No. 12


The Computer College classes for the Spring term start on January 4, 2010.  That may seem like a long way off but that is less than two months.  CCSC has been working on the classes and brochure since September 1.  To keep you informed, here is the countdown.
November 12 – Post the Spring brochure on
November 14 – Information Forum 10:00 a.m. Grand Cypress Room
November 16 – Start of requesting your e-Registration form by emailing ccscreg@gmail.com
November 27 – Start of e-Registration
December 9 – Brochure distributed to residents
December 10 – Start of “hard copy” registration
December 14 – Randomization of all registrants (both e-Registration and “Hard Copy”) received by 4:00 p.m.
January 4 – First class
To help residents make good choices for the classes to meet their needs, you are encouraged to go to the CCSC web page
www.spccsc.net  and click on Spring 2010 Computer College Course Information to see the description of all the classes that are offered.  Then plan to come to the Information Forum on Saturday, Nov. 14 at 10:00 to learn more about the classes and get answers to your questions about specific courses. 
Computer College Calendar
The calendar in the Fall 09 Academy brochure was significantly changed from prior terms.  Because there were space limitations, classes were listed only once with a note [1 of __].  If there were 7 sessions, the rest of the sessions were not obvious when you looked at the calendar for conflicts.  The Academy has declined to change to a more “user friendly” calendar since no one has complained.  The CCSC web page will have a calendar with all of the Computer College sessions for every class.  Just Click for Course Calendar on the Course Information page.
The process of e-Registration will take place by email.  After November 16, when you send your request to e-register by sending an email to
ccscreg@gmail.com you will receive a reply with three simple steps to follow to register.  You will then receive your e-Registration form on or about November 23.  The completed form may be returned at any time and it will be processed until along with all the registration forms received by 4:00 p.m. on December 14.
Course Evaluation Forms
Starting with this fall term, CCSC has developed a new Evaluation Form which you may have already used.  It has a number of features not found on previous forms.  Not only does it encourage you to comment on your rating of each of the 9 questions, but your responses are entered into an Excel data base which will be sorted to provide information on how the courses can be improved to meet your needs.  The Academy still is sending out the old form which was designed for Academy events.  Filling them out and returning them is optional.
Windows 7 is here
Microsoft launched Windows 7 in October to very good reviews.  Maybe you were not inclined to give up your good old XP since Vista seemed to have some problems and required a considerable chunk of the hard drive.  If you buy a new PC now it will most likely come with Windows 7.  My new HP notebook works very well.  In use, it really isn’t very different from Vista but is considerably faster. I would recommend taking a computer course using the MCL laptops since this will give you a good introduction to using Vista and make the transition to Windows 7 easier.  Be sure to sign up for a course in the Computer College Spring Term.
Published by the Computer College Steering Committee (CCSC)
Russ Kraay, Editor