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e-Notes Vol. 2 No. 13

The Computer College Brochure for Spring 2010 is now on the web page, www.spccsc.net   Larry Brock has done a terrific job of getting this posted today as was promised.  So now you can see all the courses for the next term.  Click on the links to see the many features.  Take some time to read the introductory information as well as the course descriptions.  Then select the right classes for you.  It is important that you learn how to walk before you try to run.  You won’t be happy in a Level 2 class if you have not taken the appropriate basic classes.  
Be sure to attend the Information Forum on Saturday, November 14 at 10:00 a.m. in the Grand Cypress Room.  There will be a number of informative presentations regarding the new classes.  Then prepare to register.  More on that below. 
Since CCSC started to do the registration for all the Computer College classes nine terms ago, we have had to type all the names and classes the resident wished to take into an Excel spreadsheet so the information would be available for further use.  From it we sort the data, randomize classes and prepare reports that Shell Point staff types into their system to register you for class.  
Starting with the Spring 2010 term, e-registration will be available to all residents.  Ed Mitchell will be working with e-registration and he pointed out that the e-registration form can be copied into and Excel document.  No more typing!  The spreadsheet can then be sorted and documents prepared for the Shell Point staff.  Unfortunately, they will have to type the information into their system since it will not accept data any other way.  
So e-Registration will save us work.  Starting now, you can request an e-registration form by sending an e-mail to ccscreg@gmail.com  In return, you will receive an acknowledgement along with simple instructions to fill out the form.  On or about November 27, you will receive your e-Registration form.  After you complete it and return it, your registration will be treated the same as if you had filled out the paper form in the brochure.  Technology wins!!  See you in class.
Published by the Computer College Steering Committee (CCSC)
Russ Kraay, Editor