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e-Notes Vol. 2 No. 16

AS 2009 ENDS
The New Year is just days away.  It is time to look back at what happened with the Computer College this year.  It has been a year of challenges and new solutions.  Here are some of the major events.
This is the 16th issue of e-Notes for this year.
The School of Technology (SofT) was introduced in the Spring Term.
Enrollment records were broken for the Spring Term.
Schedule of Classes for the Summer Term posted in e-Notes.
Information Forum to help residents select the right classes.
e-Notes circulation exceeds 350 addresses.
CCSC (Larry Brock) introduces a new web site
Mobile Computer Lab-2 (MCL-2) brought on-line by CCSC.
e-Registration was made available for the Fall Term to residents still up north.
The entire Computer College Brochure for Fall Term posted to the web site.
·        Fall Term – no one on a wait list!  This is a first in recent times.
·        e-Notes circulation exceeds 400 addresses.
·        CCSC develops new evaluation forms.
·        e-Registration was made available to all residents for Spring 2010.
·        Spring Term – no one on a wait list for second term in a row!
New e-Registration form developed by CCSC (Jeff Hennick) using a web site form.  It will be used for Summer Term.
It has been a great year!  And you are all a part of it, either by teaching, helping or by participating in the continuing education provided by the Computer College.
The Computer College Steering Committee (CCSC) is a resident committee dedicated to enriching the educational experience of Shell Point residents.  It was formed in 2007 to provide a forum for instructors and other residents with considerable computer skills to focus on improving the Computer College.  At that time, long wait lists were the norm which resulted in a common feeling of why try to register since you probably won’t get in anyway.  Next there was a serious drop in enrollment.  For the Fall term 2008, CCSC addressed the problem with effective advertising and adding popular “workshops” to the curriculum.  This was rewarded with record enrollment.  Since then you have continued to support the Computer College.
What  does the CCSC do?  In two words, virtually everything.  CCSC is the nerve center and is now responsible for all aspects of the Computer College except the final entry into the Shell Point system, from which you receive the notice of your enrollment.  This has been achieved by the dedicated members of the committee who spend countless hours to make it happen.  In recognition, below is a list of the members who work generally in subcommittees, along with a special area of responsibility.
Larry Brock              Web page
Frank DiVesta          Evaluation
John Eberhard         Brochure
Bruce Findley          School of Technology
Jeff Hennick             Program Development
Russ Kraay         Editor of e-Notes and Brochure, Registrar
Janet Medina           Chairperson
Ed Mitchell               e-Registration
Penny Modrich        Advertising
Richard Nelson        Curriculum development and recruiting instructors
Harriet Reece          Evaluation
Denton Smith           Evaluation
Since the CCSC is entirely responsible for the two Mobile Computer Labs, the CCSC subcommittee Tech Group maintains the 24 computers.  A special thanks to Richard Maass, head of this group, who has rebuilt a number of these computers that had a faulty program installed earlier. 
On page 5 of the Brochure it reads, “…the Computer College Steering Committee (CCSC) is continuing to study all aspects of the Computer College with the goal of making your participation a great experience.”   How will this translate to the operation of the Computer College?
New courses  The needs and experience of the residents keep changing and the curriculum will evaluated to try to meet your needs.
New procedures This year e-Registration was introduced for your convenience.  The new web page registration form will be much easier to use.  It is expected that the majority or the residents will use it next year.
Communication  It is vital that you are informed regarding the Computer College activities.  More use of the web page
www.spccsc.net and information in e-Notes.

Published by the Computer College Steering Committee (CCSC)
Russ Kraay, Editor