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e-Notes Vol. 2 No. 17


This is the last day of a wonderful year for the Computer College.  There has been record enrollment and the waitlist has been reduced to zero for the last two terms of registration.  So what is ahead for 2010?  We know there will be many challenges.  How can we best meet the computer needs of the Shell Point residents?  The CCSC continues to study all aspects of the Computer College with the goal of making your participation a great experience.
The Evaluations sheets that you returned indicate the need for more practice time, both in class and between class sessions.  In response to this need the Instructors plan to provide more practice time in class so you have a better chance of really leaning it.  However, if you don’t practice it till the next week, there is a good chance you won’t remember.  You may also need a bit more help.  In response the CCSC will be offering a “Coaching Class”.  Eight instructors have offered to staff the class. There will always be three instructors at each session.  The class is primarily for those currently taking class but it is open to any resident.  Since space is limited to the number of computers in the Mobile Lab, if you are not currently enrolled in a class, will you please request a place in one or more of the sessions by sending an e-mail to 

All classes will be held in the Oak Room at 1:30 PM till ~3:00 PM

Instructor             Jan 14    Jan 21       Feb 18       Feb 25      Mar 11        Mar 18
Beryl Bouchard                                                                                 X
John Eberhard                           X                                     X 
Jeanne Fuchs             X             X   
Russ Kraay                 X             X                 X  
Richard Maass           X                                                     X            X                   X
Penny Modrich                                                                                  X                   X
Harold Seer                                                    X  
Denton Smith                                                  X                 X 
Please make use of this opportunity to enhance your learning.
Spring 2010 Registration

There is still time to register for a class.  The first class starts January 4th.  Most classes still have space, however, three are full.  They are CC002-D Managing the Applications Software On Your Computer, CC003 Computer College Prep School-Basics and ST006 How to Use Your First Digital Camera.  Check availability of other classes at the Service Desk.
More than 40 residents made use of e-Registration for the spring term.  Development is underway for a new web-based application form that will be much simpler to use.  We hope that many will use it for the summer term.  


It has been wonderful “bending your electronic ear” for 22 issues of e-Notes.  We hope that it has helped you keep up to date with what is going on in the Computer College.  However, it is now time for me to concentrate on some other facets of the Computer College.  Penny Modrich had agreed to become the new editor.  Look for some much needed changes in the graphics.  We hope that you will continue to read and enjoy e-Notes. 
Published by the Computer College Steering Committee (CCSC)

Russ Kraay, Former Editor
Penny Modrich, New Editor