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e-Notes Vol. 2 No. 2

The Computer College seems to jump the gun.  The Spring Term started the first week in January.  Oh well, here in Florida it feels like spring.  Classes are going great with approximately 170 residents taking an average of about 2 classes.  In the Summer term there will again be workshops and regular classes plus the classes in the School OF Technology (SOFT) that was announced in the last issue.  It is our plan to provide class descriptions in e-Notes just as soon as the information is available.  This will give you more time to decide which classes are right for you.  Classes will start on May 4th.  
We need your help.  It is very difficult to find out just what classes the residents want.  An earlier questionnaire was not particularly instructive.  In some cases, classes that have been full in the past may have only one or two register in the next term.  This term we have had to add seven second sections to accommodate those who wish to take the class.  In this way, the waitlists have been nearly eliminated.  Please take time to send a list of classes that you would like to take. (Not those you think someone else might like.)  Every attempt will be made to have classes you really want.
Are there times when you need a little extra help?  You have taken the class but there may be things that just won't work for you.  For some time there has been a list in the Computer Labs of instructors who are willing to meet with you for one or two sessions to show you how to do a specific operation.  We wish to expand this service since it really meets your needs.  If you are willing to help be a coach, please let us know and list any areas with which you are most comfortable.  A new expanded list will be made available in the labs and also in e-Notes.  Please note, this is not designed to help you learn how to use a computer!  For that, take computer classes.
There are so many new things coming down the pike, it is increasingly difficult to keep up.  What about Windows 7 and how soon will it replace Vista?  How about cloud computing and Google Gears?  Will your next computer be a netbook with a solid state drive for just over $300?  As in the past, CCSC will try to keep up on the developments and provide Computer College courses to meet your needs as we have with G-mail, Vista and Office 07.  Also, we will provide recommendations of what new equipment should be obtained.
Published by the Computer College Steering Committee (CCSC)
Russ Kraay, Editor