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e-Notes Vol. 2 No. 5

Shell Point TV Ch 11 will feature the Computer College Steering Committee (CCSC) next Tuesday, April 28.  Find out what is happening with the Computer College classes.  See a photo of the CCSC.  Don’t miss it!
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If you plan to go north for the summer
  • A way to send and receive email, particularly e-Notes.
  • Backing up your computer(s), either with flash drives (now up to 32 GB) or an external hard drive (up to 1.5 TB).  You don’t know what shape your computer will be in when you get back.  Take your backup with you or store offsite.
  • A good carrying case if you are taking your laptop with you.  Be sure to take the charger and surge protector with you for your laptop.
  • Unless is it absolutely necessary, unplug all electronic equipment.  A good surge protector is essential if you leave any equipment plugged in.  We sometimes have lightning here in Florida.
  • A list of user ids and passwords needed for Internet accounts.  This includes travel, financial, email etc.
Have a great summer but hurry back to paradise!!
How many times have we heard, we don’t get back in time to register or attend a class in the fall.  Classes for the Fall Term are scheduled to start on September 1st.  That means registration will probably start August 10!!
Starting with the Fall Term, CCSC will offer registration by e-mail.  As soon as the information is available, e-Notes will send you a list of all the classes, the same as we did for the Summer Term.  If you will not be back in time to register, all you have to do is send an email to e-Notes  ccsc8sp@gmail.com  requesting an “absentee” registration form.  We are calling this e-Registration and it will be sent to you.  Nothing complicated.  Just hit reply, fill in your apartment number, name and the courses you want to take.  Then hit send and you will be registered.  If you respond by the end of the third day of registration, your name will be included in the randomization.
OK, so now you get registered, but will you get back in time for class?  We know it is nice up north yet in September.  So we are requesting the instructors to think in terms of starting the classes a bit later to accommodate more residents who go north.  Be sure to check the class schedules before registering for a class.  In addition to the list in e-Notes, you can go to the Shell Point web page  www.shellpoint.net  and check on the Computer College classes under The Academy.  You can also download registration forms at the site but it will be far simpler to just use e-Registration and save a fax, stamp or phone call.  Sorry, but for now we have to limit e-Registration to those who are out of town.
For whatever reason, the Summer Term registration exceeded all expectations.  Are more residents staying in Florida for the summer or are the residents that stay here just looking for something to do?  Last summer there were a total of 78 “class seats” (a resident taking a course) filled.  This summer there are 230!  To accommodate this massive influx, we had to open nine new sections.  We thank the instructors who are willing to teach the extra sections.   In spite of all this, there are only five names on the waitlists.   Gone are the days of long waitlists.
The classes in the School of Technology (SofT) were introduced in the Summer Term and the registration was nearly three times the number that could be accommodated in one section.  This fall SofT will offer more new classes.  Obviously we need help in learning how to use those new gadgets.   SofT is also helping the residents keep their brain from getting “rusty” with the Mental Fitness class.  These are challenging times.  We can’t let those 5th graders get ahead of us.
For the past two terms registration has increased dramatically, more than doubling over the same term in 2008.  To meet this increased interest, we need more instructors and assistants.   Would you be willing to share your computer skills by teaching or helping in the Computer College?  If you can teach a subject that would be helpful to others, please contact Richard Nelson at 437-5051 or e-mail him at richnelson@hotmail.com  Or you can simply hit reply to this e-Note and let us know that way.  Volunteer, it’s the Shell Point way.
Published by the Computer College Steering Committee (CCSC)
Russ Kraay, Editor