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e-Notes, Vol. 2 No. 7


Summer is almost over (the Computer College Summer Term, that is).  If you have been keeping track, it has been nearly two months since the last issue of e-Notes.  The CCSC has been busy getting ready for the Fall Term.  So start thinking FALL.  The Brochure for the Fall Term is in its final phase.  There are just a few details to get resolved.  Look for the new graphics for the Computer College section.  This issue of e-Notes will bring you up to date on some of the new things for fall. 

New Computer College Steering Committee Web Page

CCSC will have a new web page ready shortly.  Larry Brock (Eagles Preserve) has engineered the new site.  It will serve as the home page with links to the many activities of CCSC.  Shortly, the Fall Term brochure will be posted so you will be able to click on a course listed in the Table of Contents and that will link you directly to the brochure write-up.  In the future e-Notes will also be cached at this site so you will be able to look back at earlier issues. 

New Teachers

No doubt you saw the “Help Wanted” ad posted by CCSC in May.  It worked!   Five new teachers have volunteered to teach a class this fall.  Since the Computer College has continued to grow, more teachers were badly needed.  We are all set for the fall term, but start thinking about spring.  That is always the largest term and we need more new teachers.  Think about it.  Volunteer by contacting Richard Nelson. 

New e-Registration

The last issue of e-Notes introduced the new e-Registration that will be available for residents who will not return to Shell Point in time for the start of registration, probably August 10.  If you plan to take some classes you may request an e-Registration form in one of the following ways:  send your e-mail request to e-Notes ccsc8sp@gmail.com or Russ Kraay rgkraay@gmail.com   The form will be sent from e-Registration ccscreg@gmail.com and when you reply it will be to that address.   You may request a form at any time but it will be sent to you about August 1.  By this time you will have access to the Fall Brochure on the new web page.  (This will be covered in more detail in the next issue of e-Notes.) 

Any e-Registration form returned by 4:00 P.M. August 12 will be included in the randomization process.  CCSC has scheduled more of the classes in October and November, rather than September.  In fact, 78% of the regular classes start after October 1 and 40% after October 15.  We hope this will work for more residents.

Have a great summer.  See you in a class in the Fall.

e-Notes published by the Computer College Steering Committee (CCSC)

Russ Kraay, Editor