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e-Notes, Vol. 2 No. 8

Computer College Moves to the Next Level


New Web Page


New technology will be employed starting with the Fall Term.  As reported in the previous issue of e-Notes, the new CCSC web page is ready.  You can now see the entire Computer College brochure by going to the web page.  When you receive this issue of e-Notes, go to www.spccsc.net and check it out.  Larry Brock (Eagles Preserve) has designed the site so you can simply click on any course in the table of contents and the link will take you to the write-up for that course. 


New e-Registration


For residents who are still up north at the time of registration (starting August 10) CCSC is offering e-Registration.  You may request an e-Registration form in one of the following ways:  send  your  e-mail  request  to e-Notes ccsc8sp@gmail.com  or  Russ  Kraay  rgkraay@gmail.com  The form will be sent from e-Registration ccscreg@gmail.com and when you reply it will be to that address.   You may request a form at any time but it will be sent to you about August 1.  You will now have access to the Fall Brochure on the new web page to see all the course offerings. 


It will be simple to e-Register.  When you wish to register, pull up the e-Registration e-mail.  Now hit REPLY to bring up the form you will use to register.  Since the form is a Word table all you have to type your name in the box below the one that says “Your Name” and your apartment number below “APT # only”.   Next make your selection of classes by typing an X in the box to the left of the course number.  Review you selections and hit SEND.  You are done!   Within a few days you will receive confirmation of your registration.  Any e-Registration form received by 4 P.M. August 12 will be included in the randomization process. 


For the present, e-Registration must be regarded as “beta” and restricted to residents who will not be here for registration.  If this all works according to plan this term, CCSC will propose that e-Registration be made available in future terms to any resident.



Information Forum


Saturday August 8, 2009  10:00 a.m.

The Woodlands in the Grand Cypress Room


The Information Forum will again feature the Computer College.  This will be a great opportunity to meet the instructors and learn about the classes that are being offered this fall.  It can help you decide if a particular course is right for you.  It is no fun to be in a class that is way over your head.  Nor do you want to be totally bored.  Ask questions.  You will have a chance to check the courses right away in the new brochure by checking the new web site www.spccsc.net  but be sure to take your hard copy brochure to the Forum for ready reference.  Then don’t forget to register for your choices starting Monday, August 10.


See you in class.



Published by the Computer College Steering Committee (CCSC)

Russ Kraay, Editor