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e-Notes Vol. 3 No. 13

Vol. 3 No. 13

Here's some good advice from our Registrar:



Just over a year ago a number of us got an email from one of the residents asking to send money because of a lost billfold and passport in London.  You know the rest of the story.  Now today many of us got an email from a resident who had a sick cousin in England and could we “please send 13 hundred in British pounds (£1300) approximately 1,943.49 in USD.”


If you ever get an email like this, DON’T ANSWER IT!  Call the resident to verify this is a phish or some other nasty.  At this point, the extent of the problem is not known, but the threat seems small. However, the resident cannot now access the email account.  Since most do not use Outlook or Outlook Express, but rely on web mail, this can be a serious inconvenience. 


After the previous experience, e-Notes carried a warning and suggestion.  Here it is again.  Be extra careful.  When you are going to compose an email, be sure the new page is authentic.  Does anything look even slightly wrong?  If you use Gmail, it is a simple matter to personalize your email page. Simply click on Settings and then the Themes tab.  There are numerous options to select your own personal theme.  Then if you are going to compose an email and it doesn’t look like your own theme, it probably is a counterfeit page.  Using it will probably hijack your email Contacts list and send each an email.  And it could do any number of things to your account. 


This isn’t news.  The internet has become less friendly.  It is our job to do all we can to protect ourselves.  Be sure you have a good anti-virus program (that is up to date).  Don’t open any email with an attachment from an unknown address.  JUST DISCARD IT.  Don’t forward any email before youREMOVE ALL PREVIOUS ADDRESSES. 


This isn’t to scare you away from your computer.  Use it and enjoy all the wonderful things you can do.  But it is a strong reminder that it can happen to us if we don’t follow good practice.


Russ Kraay


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P.S.  If you know of anyone who is not getting these e-Notes and would like to be added to the mailing list, please have them contact Penny, either by phone or email.  Thanks.