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e-Notes Vol. 3 No. 16

What’s Right for You?


Each term, as a computer user, you face the same question.  Is there a Computer College class that I should take?  This is a big question and you may need help to decide.  When you enroll at a college you have the services of a counselor to help you.  The Computer College will now do the same thing.  Six instructors have volunteered to be counselors to help you.  They will review the classes you have taken and ask about you computer experience.  Together, you will be able to look at the options offered by the Computer College and suggest which ones will best meet your needs. 


This isn’t only for the new computer users.  But it is especially helpful to know how your skills and interests fit with the classes offered.  You may become frustrated and discouraged if you find yourself in a class “over your head”.  The classes are designed with Levels, including the “Prep school” Level 0 where there are NO prerequisites.  There are classes to meet most every skill level and interest. 


Flyers will be posted on March 21 showing the time and location for each counselor.  (A preview of the flyer is shown below.)  This will be a One on One session devoted entirely to your situation.  You can call a counselor and make a reservation for a 20 minute session.  When you have decided the course(s) you wish to take, you will be able to On-Line register right then and there. 


Providing you with the service of a counselor is a new way the Computer College is assisting you in selecting the right class for you.  But as in past terms, there will also be the Computer College Roundup on Saturday, April 9th in the Grand Cypress Room.  Here you can talk to the instructor who is teaching the class and ask questions.  We hope these two opportunities will help you have a great learning experience. 


Russ Kraay



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