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e-Notes Vol. 3 No. 17


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(Thanks Staples)


If you were in the right class for you, it was probably fun and you can say the same thing.  If you were “in over your head” it was not easy.  That is why we try hard to have you enroll in the right class.


Starting this term, the Computer College is offering two ways to help you.  You have seen the flyers telling you about the Counselors.  Starting Monday, March 28th, there will be 7 dates for a one on one session with an instructor who will help you sort out the best course(s) for you to take, based on your goals, skills and experience.  Just give one of the instructors listed on the flyer a call for a 20 minute session.  Do it now!  You will be glad you did.  (If you can’t find the information, call Russ at 481-5611.)


Then don’t forget the big Roundup that will be held in the Grand Cypress Room on Saturday, April 9 at 10 AM.  You will be able to chat with the instructors to find out more about the courses that interest you.  There will be an opportunity for on-line registration at both the counseling sessions or the Roundup. 


It’s Back!  There will be an “electronic trash and treasures” table at the Roundup this term.  Bring the old equipment you no longer want and maybe you can pick up just what you need.  It is all FREE.  See you there.


Now is the time


The Summer Term Brochure is posted and On-line Registration is open.  Just click on Summer Computer College Courses  or click on www.spccsc.net  either will work fine but the first takes you directly to the Summer courses.  Click on the Course Registration button in the middle of the page and this will open the on-line registration form. 


Currently the Computer College part of the Academy page does not yet have the Summer brochure listed.  It should be undated soon.  However, clicking on the “Registration” button will open the new registration form.  Remember, after you go to the Academy page, you must scroll down until you see the Computer College section.  It is below the other Academy listings.


New for this term.


All the courses are grouped by Level.  Since it is important to get into the right level course, this will help you to readily spot courses for you.  The number of sessions for each course is now listed right with the title.


A new program produced by Jeff Hennick allows you to quickly review right on the on-line registration form the courses you have taken since the Summer 2009 term.  All you have to do is type in your name and address and click anywhere on the form.  You will see the classes you have taken right in the yellow box.  The rest of the registration process is just like before.  (If you have an e-mail address, please include it.  You will immediately receive an e-mail confirmation that you have registered.  The “official” notice of enrollment will come from Shell Point with the amount charged to your account some time later.)


If you have used the Computer College On-line Registration previously, you know how easy it is.  Just to remind you of a few things.  Please don’t use an alias.  The computer (we) rely on you using the same name each time you register.  (The computer thinks Bob and Robert are two different people.)  Be sure to check if you are an instructor or assistant in the Computer College.  After you make your selections, click on the green “Next” button at the bottom.  This lists only your selections.  If you want to change your mind, you can do it here.  Click on the lavender “Return for Changes”.  Then you must click on the green “OK Send” to make it happen.  By the time you check your e-mail you will have a confirmation letter!  That was easy.


One more VERY IMPORTANT thing:  If you decide to register again on-line to add/change a class, the system will delete your first registration.  The second time you must list ALL the classes you want to take.  You will be alerted to this in red if you try to register (if you use the same name).


The Computer College brochure is made available as early as possible so you can give your classes priority on your calendar.  We appreciate your early registration, but in any case, try to register by 4 P.M. on Monday, April 18 so your name will be included in the randomization process in case the class is over-subscribed.


By the way, if you are still using XP on your computer, you should give consideration to taking any class still teaching XP this term.  This may be the last term it will be offered since all the teaching computers will likely have Windows 7 by the fall term.


Have a great summer term.  The right classes are fun and easy.


Russ Kraay


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