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e-Notes Vol. 3 No. 23



No, we are not referring to Cyber Monday.  This is BROCHURE/REGISTER Monday.  The Spring 2012 Brochure is now posted on our web page, spccsc.net/ or you may go directly to the new Spring 2012 page at brochure.spccsc.net.  It is highly recommended that you pull it up and carefully read the new registration information on Page 3.  As before, after you register online, you can make any changes by re-registering online.  Please remember, when you submit a new online registration, it will completely delete everything from your prior registration!!  So be sure to check ALL the courses you wish to take.  Also note, ALL ONLINE REGISTRATION OR ONLINE CHANGES MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO JANUARY 2, (five days before any classes start.)  After that you can make changes at either service desk.  Changes, if you have used paper registration, can be made at either service desk up to the time enrollment is closed.  Instructors have the option of closing enrollment up to 5 days before the class starts.  

Another change from previous terms, NO SECOND SECTIONS WILL BE OPENED AFTER RANDOMIZATION.  If you intend to take a course, please register by this time.  This will help us determine if a second section will be required.  Randomization takes place on the third day of paper registration and this term that will be December 19 at 4 PM.  So it is extremely important for you to register promptly and not wait till shortly before the class starts.  

As soon as you have a chance to study the brochure online, you can go to registration.spccsc.net/  or click on the “registration button” on the brochure site listed above and register for your classes.  If you need additional information about a course, a syllabus for a number of them can be found in the CCSC Library listed on the brochure site. The paper copy of the brochure will be distributed to your mailbox on Wednesday, December 14 with paper registration starting Thursday, December 15.  

There is a great selection of courses for the Spring Term.  See you in class.

Russ Kraay

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