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e-Notes Vol. 3 No. 7

Hi All e-Notes Subscribers,

Here is a news bulletin from Russ Kraay, Registrar of the Computer College:




The Fall 2010 Computer College Brochure is now online at www.spccsc.net  Check it out!  On Monday July 26, e-Registration will be available by simply going to registration.spccsc.net

You can register online any time up till the start of classes.  Just remember, if you decide to do a second e-registration to add or change courses, which will delete your first registration.  So be sure to register for ALL/ONLY the classes you wish to take.  Have a great term.


Russ Kraay


Thanks, Russ.

Also, from your editor, Penny Modrich:

Watch for the Computer College Round UP flyers.  They should be appearing on your local bulletin boards in the coming week.  Be sure to mark the date on your calendar:  August 7th.

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