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e-Notes Vol. 3 No. SP

Hi, everyone, this just in from Russ Kraay, the Computer College Registrar:  



The Fall Term for the Computer College is just around the corner!  Your Computer College Steering Committee (CCSC) has been working on curriculum and classes for more than two months and in just a few days you will be able to see the new brochure.  After you have a chance to study it, e-Registration will again become available.  We use a three month “countdown” schedule for each term.  We would like to share the last six weeks of the countdown with you.


July 23 – Fall Brochure posted.  Go to www.spccsc.net  There you will find the full text of the brochure with a listing of all the classes.  Spend some time to see which classes might be right for you.


July 26 – e-Registration will be open for business.  Get your form at registration.spccsc.net  You can register from any place in the world.  You may be on a cruise or are still up north.  (Just get back in time for the class you want.)


August 7 – Roundup in the Grand Cypress Room, 10:00 A.M. (More below)


August 11 – Hard copy of the brochure will be distributed to all residents


August 12 – First day of paper registration


August 16 – 4:00 P.M.  Randomization of registrants for any class that exceeds the maximum number.  Both paper and e-registration data are combined before randomization.  (This gives everyone an equal opportunity)


August 17&18 – Extra sections added where warranted and classes balanced. (CCSC makes every effort to keep you off a waitlist)


August 19 – Class lists delivered to Academy Office for entry into the Shell Point system.


September 10 – First class.


e-Registration was introduced a year ago to accommodate residents who would not be home in time for registration.  Since then it has become available to all residents.  If you have not used it up to this point, you will find it very user friendly.  Just one word of caution.  If you decide to add another class or make a change, doing a second                    e-registration will delete the first.  If you try to do so, there will be a big popup warning you to this effect.  No problem.  Just fill out a new e-registration form with all/only the courses you want and then send it.  This will delete any thing you did before. 


The Roundup has become an important event for the Computer College.  This gives the residents a chance to meet the instructors and ask questions about the courses to find out if a course is right for you.  You also will be able to get help with e-registration if you need it.  Don’t miss this event.  Put it on your calendar now!


We are looking forward to a great Computer College term.  There are a number of new classes.  If there is an area not being covered, please let us know regarding your interest.  Maybe it can be included for the spring term.  Enjoy your classes.


Russ Kraay

CCSC Registrar


 So be sure to make note of all these special events.  You DON'T want to miss out.


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