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EVERY Thu Sep 26 thru Thu Oct 10 2013 – 3 sessions
1:15 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.                                    
Computer Teaching Center/IS
Instructor:  Dean Traxler (Rosemont)
Class assistant: Glenn McFarland (Lakewood)
Fee $12.00    Limit 10 Students                     Flash Drive Required

Your hard drive is similar to the four drawer file cabinet in your office. Do you throw loose papers in your four drawer file cabinet or are they in manila folders and possibly filed alphabetically? Why does the Documents Library in your hard drive have many documents, pictures, spreadsheets, power point presentations and downloaded PDF files saved without any form of organization?

Goals and Objectives: Learn to use the tools that are available on your computer to make folders and organize your files and folders so that you can easily find a particular document, spreadsheet or photo. The concepts of drag and drop will be stressed along with cut, copy and paste. There will be time in class to practice the skills and time for review so you can feel confident using them. A flash drive is one of the several storage locations on a computer and it has the advantage of being very portable. Learn how to determine its capacity and how to properly remove it from your computer. Explore the way to copy and save a document or photo from the Internet as well as those that are already on your computer.


To be successful, in this course, you must have completed the COMPUTER COLLEGE PREP SCHOOL course, or have otherwise developed basic computer skills. Without basic computer skills you could be uncomfortable. Specifically you must know:

·        How to comfortably use a mouse to point, left click, right click, drag and drop

·        To be familiar with the keys on the keyboard and how to type at a reasonable rate

·        Students should have a basic knowledge in the use of MS Word