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EVERY Wed Oct 29 thru Wed Nov 19 2014 – 4 sessions
9:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.                                    
Computer Teaching Center/IS
Instructor:  Larry Brock (Eagles Preserve)
Class assistant: Paul Neighbors (Rosemont)
Fee $16.00    Limit 10 Students                   

Google provides many services (mostly free) besides Search and Gmail. The course will cover one of these services, Google Drive. Google Drive is a cloud computing service that provides a secure place to store your documents that is accessible from any computer or tablet using your ID and password. It is also a free alternative to programs like Microsoft Office for creating and editing basic documents, spreadsheets, drawings, and presentations using the Internet instead of your computer without having to buy and install the programs yourself. There are several other advantages to having a Google account which will be covered in the class.

In this class you will learn how to upload, manage, and download documents to your Google Drive. You will also learn how to create, access, and share documents. (One advantage is that saving is automatic). We will also cover the basics of four types of documents. The course would be useful for anyone who has a Chromebook or is considering one.


This course is intended for those already comfortable with basic computer operation including word processing, Internet operations, and use of an email account with your user ID and password

It is necessary is to have a free Google account. If you already have Gmail, you already have a Google account. If not we will help you get one during the first class session with or without a Gmail