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EVERY Tue Jan 14 thru Tue Jan 28 2014 – 3 sessions
9:15 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.                                    
Computer Teaching Center/IS
Instructor:  Jim Plummer (Parkwood)
Class assistant: Sylvia Raia (Lucina)
Fee $12.00    Limit 8 Students                     Flash Drive Required

Gmail is a free email service that you access directly through the Internet. All you need is a Web browser and a free Gmail account. This course will help anyone, regardless of experience or knowledge, to get the most out of a Gmail account. It doesn't matter if you've ever used another email program or if you are completely new to email.

Students will learn how to compose an email, as well as how to read & reply to email messages that you receive. You will learn how to manage a “Contact List” so that you don’t need to remember your friends’ email addresses. An extension of this will be creating a group of contacts so you can easily send one message that will be received by all members of group of people (such as members of a Shell Point activity). Learn also how to store and organize email messages through the use of labels, for easy retrieval.

We will spend about half of each session doing practice work so that you become comfortable using Gmail in class and also on your home computer (if you have one). You will be expected to practice between sessions, either at home or at one of the Shell Point computer centers.


Only a few prior skills or knowledge are required for this course. It is expected that you are at least familiar with a personal computer, to include basic use of a keyboard and mouse. Students should have completed at least one Computer College Prep School (0-Level) course, or have equivalent experience.

You must have an online Gmail account before the first class. Contact the instructor before class if you need help with doing this. If a married couple takes the course together, each person must have a separate email account.