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Thu Mar 19 and Thu Mar 26 2015 – 2 sessions
9:15 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.                                    
Computer Teaching Center/IS
Instructor:  Jim Plummer (Parkwood)
Class assistant: Janice Hull (Macoma)
Fee $8.00    Limit 8 Students

Upon installation, Windows 8.1 includes the OneDrive app, which provides free online (cloud) storage for every holder of a Microsoft account. You can copy or move files from your PC to your online OneDrive folders and always have access to them on whatever computing device you’re using. It’s like an extra hard drive that’s available for you wherever you are, and is a secure and always available backup for the files you transfer to OneDrive. However, it’s much more than that!

Features of OneDrive include: updating or editing files from any computer -- as long as you have Internet access – and designating family members and friends with whom you can share specific files (including photos) located on your OneDrive folders (in the cloud).

Getting started with OneDrive and then using it is easy. In this hands-on workshop you’ll learn how to copy or remove files from your PC and add them to OneDrive (over the Internet), how to save a file directly to OneDrive, how to get to your online OneDrive files from any computing device, and how to invite (give permission to) other people to share your OneDrive files and folders. 

FNote: This course is designed for residents with Windows 8.1 installed on their home computers. The course will be taught in the Computer Teaching Center (CTC) on Windows 8.1 computers.


Students should be comfortable with basic computer operations including use of the Internet and keyboard and mouse (or touch screen). To be successful in this course, you must have completed a Level 1 Computer College course. Completion of CC108 (Windows 8.1 Beginner’s Tutorial) or equivalent Windows 8.1 experience is strongly recommended.