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EVERY Wed May 6 thru Wed May 27 2015 – 4 sessions
3:00 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.                                    
Computer Center /WDL
Instructor:  Richard Nelson (Lakewood)
Class assistant: Lois Forsythe (Lakewood) and Sue Stitt (Lakewood)
Fee $16.00    Limit 7 Students

This is a very basic computer course for residents who are new to computers, or those residents that just want to review basic computer processes. In the Classroom, we will be using laptops running Windows 7, but we will also get acquainted with some of the features of older models like Windows XP and Vista. The pace of this course is purposely slow giving the student time to memorize, understand, and apply their newly acquired skills.

It will include an introduction to the special keys on the computer keyboards, using both the left and right buttons on the mouse, and for laptops why the mouse is better than the Touch Pad. Students will learn some basics of managing the computer hardware, and software such as how to find programs on your computer and how to manage them on the desktop and taskbar. It also includes the process for starting, sleeping and shutting down the computer. Students will prepare simple documents and save them. Students will be encouraged to bring their own laptop to class for Q&A sessions after class. For residents that have had difficulty with other computer courses they have taken, this course may be a viable alternative.

One of the hallmarks of a Prep School course is that during each session a significant amount of time will be dedicated to supervised practice.