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EVERY Thu May 7 thru Thu May 28 2015 – 4 sessions
9:15 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.                                    
Computer Teaching Center/IS
Instructor:  Jim Plummer (Parkwood)
Class assistant: TBD
Fee $12.00    Limit 8 Students

Many residents have purchased (or received) new Windows 8.1 personal computers and need a little assistance transitioning to the graphical look of the new, modern touch-screens and colorful buttons to be pushed. In fact there are a lot useful features that they want to learn to use and appreciate.

In this course your instructor will gradually introduce you to Windows 8.1 and most of its basic features, including how to navigate the new Start Screen, how to get to the old familiar Windows desktop, and how to use the Windows 8 features - "tiles", "Charms", "apps", the Microsoft Account, and the Windows Store. Most importantly, you will learn how to save and then find documents on which you are working.

The instructor will emphasize "hands on" learning on the Windows 8.1 computers in the Shell Point Computer Teaching Center. You will learn touchscreen, as well as keyboard & mouse methods for all features. If you own a mobile Windows 8 touch-enabled tablet and want to use that in class, feel free to do so.


You should be somewhat computer literate -- you should have used a computer before and know how to select text and objects. You should know what a menu, dialog box, and button tools are used for. It is not necessary that you already know how to use a touch screen.