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Workshops have become a very important part of the Computer College.  In most cases the Workshops will be Two Sessions which allows more time for practice.  However, in some cases the scope of the class is limited and can be covered in one session.

The purpose of the Workshops is to provide additional information and techniques for those who would like to know more about specific subjects or fine tune your skills.  You may have taken a class some time ago and covered the subject but would like a refresher.  Perhaps you might be interested in a new program or Operating System like Vista or the programs in Office 2007. 

Most of the workshops are listed as Level 2 courses and are not designed to learn how to use a computer.  It is required that you have reasonable computer skills before enrolling in a workshop.  If you are weak in your basic computer skills, it is strongly recommended that you take basic courses before taking a workshop course.  As before, regular computer courses cover one or more subjects that can’t readily be taught in a workshop.